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Which Drugs Produce Ototoxicity

Aspirin and quinine Aspirin (acetylsalicylic acid, ASA) and quinine are well known to cause temporary ototoxicity resulting in tinnitus. They may also reduce hearing, particularly when given at high doses. Quinine products can also temporarily reduce balance ability. Once aspirin or quinine is stopped, the ototoxicity generally disappears. There are over 600 categories of drugs which have the potential to cause ototoxicity .

Aminoglycoside antibiotics, platinum-based chemotherapeutic agents, loop diuretics, macrolide antibiotics, and antimalarials are the commonly used ototoxic drugs [ 2 ] with well-documented efficacy against various infections and malignancies in children and adults. Ototoxicity

What Is The Pre Med Major Called - Discount Place

What Is The Pre Med Major Called - Discount Place

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