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Coach Mike's enthusiasm for the game is only matched by his passion for the people he is coaching. His gift of teaching the game is evidenced by his success on and off the court.  It was a blessing to work with him and impact lives through the game of basketball.

Luke Elie
Director of Coaches Team International


Mike Behnke served as the Head Girls Basketball Coach for the 2018-2019 season at Phoenixville Area High School.  During that time, Mike proved himself to be a trustworthy and capable leader, helping to mentor our student-athletes and teach them the sport.

Mike combines his technical knowledge of the sport with an understanding of how to effectively communicate with athletes.  His ability to reach players makes him not only a fine coach and teacher, but a strong role model for our athletes.  He is able to bring intensity and passion to the game, but consistently shows respect towards officials and exhibits sportsmanship at all times.

I was particularly impressed with Mike’s ability, as a male coach, to coach a girls team.  His clear and direct communication style was appreciated by the players and parents alike, and his leadership help develop two assistant coaches that will continue on with our program.

 Mike Behnke is an outstanding leader, coach, and person and we were fortunate to have Mike serve as our Head Girls Basketball Coach.

Matt Gionta- Director of Student Activities & Athletics
Phoenixville High School
Phoenixville, PA

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Coach Behnke took over a two win team the year before he started coaching and was 14-10 his first year with a playoff berth for first time. Coach Behnke is dependable, trustworthy and energetic. Coach Behnke was always prepared for each practice and was always trusted to run a practice as planned. He was also organized with scheduling, travel, games plans, and recruiting.
Coach Behnke is a goal-oriented achiever. He sets forth plans for success, then implements his plans with work. Coach Behnke did a very good job of instilling character values in his players as well. He succeeded in teaching his players the character values of integrity, responsibility, respect, sportsmanship, and servant leadership. Coach Behnke wanted to not only win, but also win with good character players.
Coach Behnke’s personality was very relational and respectful of the players, referees, fans, and other coaches. I would recommend Coach Behnke for hire as a Basketball Coach

Mr Kirk Spain
University of Valley Forge Athletic Director

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