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the Maldive Islands

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Training   Basketball Players for Worldwide Success with Influence!


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United States

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What is Basecamp Basketball ?
it's both local and global!

Our mission as a non-profit 501c3 public charitable organization  (Pottstown, PA- USA) is dedicated to training men, women, boys, and girls to become successful players on the court while also focusing on beckoning influential role models off the court. Globally, we seek places in the world where basketball doesn't exist and introduce basketball as a life-equipping sport.  We achieve both local and global with various programs including: a semi-pro basketball team, a local Youth Academy, international basketball academy building projects, and an International Youth Scholarship Program.

Our Triple Threat of Programs...

International Youth Scholarship Program

Basecamp has  partnered with a local private high school to offer 1 year scholarships to international students who desire to come to the USA for an education and advanced basketball training.

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Meet Amra

First Recipient

 is from Maldive Islands

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Men's and Women's
5 Month Residential
 Int'l Training Program
& Int'l Travel Tours
-play on the Pottstown Power, a semi-pro local ABA team
- become a certified coach
- play on overseas tours
- prepare for playing internationally
- learn how to gain and maintain influence both on and off the court.

Our Men’s and Women’s Beyond the Basketball Program is a five-month residential program that intentionally trains players for worldwide basketball success. Not only as players, but we push you beyond to become dynamic coaches and influential basketball academy leaders whether you ultimately live in the USA or move overseas. This is all with the goal of positively impacting communities.

This is done through various experiences including academies, private training, Int'l travel tours, playing on the Pottstown Power (ABA).

Youth Academy in
Pottstown, PA 
Laamu Gan, Maldives

Our Boys and Girls Beyond Program introduces and increases basketball skills in a  and highly motivational environment.  This will not only prepare these youth players to better contribute to their local school teams but also be pushed to go Beyond the Basketball to explore what it means to be an influential athlete and team leader.

More Coming Soon

Youth Camps in Maldive Islands


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Mike's coaching licenses with FIBA- International Basketball &

USA Basketball 

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From Coach Mike,
"It's Good to Meet you!"...

Coach Mike is the Founder &

President of Basecamp Basketball

Basketball is a world sport!  Many new leagues and associations are being created worldwide everyday! Yet there are many places where basketball hasn't been taught and played. It is my goal to seek out countries where basketball is new or wanting help to see it grow.  In response, I have developed this non-profit organization with programs to train ballers both in America and Internationally. I want to bring young international players here and bring and train our players on how to better assimilate into the worldwide basketball leagues as influential players, coaches, and/or as academy directors.  I am a man of faith that believes that developing high character people make the best basketball players and ambassadors of the sport!

For those who need to see credentials, her you go. I have been coaching basketball for over a 20-year span at the youth, college, national, and small professional league levels. I have coached both in the United States and in various countries overseas. I have had the privilege of starting two successful academies (India & USA). My certification in Sports Management comes from the United States Sports Academy (Daphne, AL –USA) as well as a graduate of the Independent Federation Management program (FIBA). (If you want more specifics, click the button below)


But that's enough about me because my focus is really about assisting ballers to become skillful and role model players worldwide!

Where in the world we have been...

Additional Basketball Services Available

Basecamp Basketball offers a variety of services for different athletic levels and basketball needs. If you’re looking to improve your team and take it to the next level, you can find the support and resources you need right here. Additionally, I personally consult with every single client to understand each one’s unique goals. Because at Basecamp Basketball, every athlete & team matters.

FIBA Women's Asia Cup 2017

Team Preparation for International Tournaments

turning weaknesses into strengths


International Camps and Coaching Clinics

for any age, we come to you


Personal Training Sessions

customized for you

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Motivational & Conference Speaking

life lessons learned on the court

Basketball Game

“Hard work beats talent when talent fails to work hard.”

Kevin Durant- NBA Superstar

What People Are Saying...Testimonials

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Kirk Spain_edited.png

"Coach Mike's enthusiasm for the game is only matched by his passion for the people he is coaching..."

Luke Elie
Director of Coaches Team International

Seoul, South Korea

"...I was particularly impressed with Mike's ability, as a male coach, to coach a girls team..."

Matt Gionta
Athletic Director
Phoenixville High School

"Coach Behnke took over a two win team the year before he started coaching and was 14-10 his first year with a playoff berth for the first time..."

Kirk Spain
University of Valley Forge 
Athletic Director 2000-2004

Contact Basecamp Basketball

Philadelphia, PA - USA

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