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"I just couldn't make it

             playing overseas"...

International Basketball Training Program


When I talk to players who signed with international teams, I hear this statement all the time.  "I just couldn't make it playing overseas." While being an American with some good basketball skills my get you a contract, most players are not equipped for a successful transition to playing in international leagues.  There are significant differences in basketball "style of play" and coach-player relationships. There are major language and cultural differences. There is also food, medical, banking, religious and social differences.  And one of the biggest differences, how to handle all that free time living several continents away from your family and friends at home.  We want to help you avoid being labeled what has become generally known as that "ugly American" player.


Most American player's only reference point to professional basketball is the NBA.  In the NBA coaching staffs are 10+ coaches deep with dedicated infrastructure and with much of your schedule and organization provided for you. But, and a large "but" at that, the truth is that in most overseas professional leagues the local national players are playing for part-time jobs.  They play and then go off to their full-time job in the nearby city.  So your off the court schedule is all on you to fill.  Often, you as the international player are left to find your own apartment, bank, food, and a place to lift weights and train.  But this also offers a great opportunity for you...

Let us help prepare you for success with influence overseas...

Come live, workout, play, and learn with us...


Our Men’s and Women’s International program intentionally trains players for worldwide basketball success. That success is not only as skillful players, but we push you beyond to anticipate the overseas culture. We also train you to become dynamic coaches and influential basketball academy leaders. This is all with the goal of equipping and strategically releasing players, coaches, and academy leaders into the worldwide basketball community.


Our 5-month residential program in Pottstown, PA will give you the tools to….

  • to increase your skills as a player & gain professional experience playing for the Pottstown Power, a Mid Atlantic Region franchise in the  American Basketball Association (ABA) 

  • learn the coaching side of basketball by earning a coaching license and coaching in our youth academy

  • learn how to start, operate, and succeed in the local & international basketball academy business

  • learn and impliment NAIA Champions of Character Program so you can be impactful both on and off the court.

  • learn to be able to earn, maintain, and share influence

Residential International Training Program fact sheet

  • Basecamp Basketball is a nonprofit 501c3 company

  • Men's Program is November to March; Women's Program is May to September

  • Incoming players are asked for approximately $500 a month for a room and utilities to live in our Basecamp player house.

  • Time and assistance are given to secure a job locally to help the player with financial needs while in the program

  • Travel costs for overseas travels covered by donations received through playing for Pottstown Power and coaching in Youth Academy

  • Must have a current passport with at least 10 blank pages and expiration date at least one year beyond than the date of entry into our program


Example Daily Schedule

Early Morning: basketball workout

Day time:  open for a local job or volunteer work

Late afternoon: Coach in our youth academy

Evenings: Pottstown Power practices &

class time in coaching & International cultural preparation

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